Ella Rock

It is avail at your foot walk and avail to climb with or without adventure guide and it is scenic. Nature offers it freely and we will arrange your walk or ride free too. Only additional amenities will cost slightly otherwise your leisure time will not be a burden to your wallet however.

Little Adamsepak

Not to be missed climb this, which is having a breathtaking view on the top. The path to top is fall through a tea estate. The name is itself denoting a worshiping place or temple, which you can see and some crowd you may expect there. Free at all.

Nine Arch Bridge

Magnificent construction of Colonial times by English engineers with help of local labors now helping to have us Hill Country Train Line. A photogenic place

Demodara Railway Station

Famed for its spiral rail line known as the ‘Demodara loop’, which passes under it, going around a loop and emerging from a tunnel.

Ravana Ella (Waterfall)

This is a waterfall split to two streams washing a hard rock stone, which is more dangerous to climb, but some athletes do. Highly photogenic. Your day spent there will not be a waste at all. It is alongside of the roadway.

Rawana caves & temple

Legend has it that Rawana temple built in a cave on an escarpment had been originated by King Valagambahu in the 2 c B.C.The renowned Ravana Ella Cave is located close by the cave temple. The excavations done by the Archaeological Department has revealed evidence of human habitation dating back to 25000 years.

Dhowa Rock Temple

An ancient Buddhist temple attracted by lots of travelers, with a historical value. Much things see worthy. Dova is a small village very close to hotel and why do not you explore the map? It is on there for your arrival. Not a hard journey

Bogoda Wooden Bridge

Known as the oldest surviving wooden bridge (over 400 years old) in Sri Lanka. It is made completely of wood planks including wooden nails all believed to be from one Jak tree.

Adhisham Bungalow

Built in 1931 by an English aristocrat it is presently a monastery run by Benedictine nuns.


An ancient Buddhist Temple that dates back to the 10th century. Its famed for its 51 foot Buddha statue and seven figures all carved on a rock face.

Diyaluma Falls

The third highest (220m) waterfall in Sri Lanka. It has a tiered setting and natural pools, which is indeed a spectacular sight.

Lipton’s Seat

Known for its stunning view and glorious sunrise, Lipton Seat was named after the famous tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton who used this very place to assess his territory.